Specializing in Solar Panel Cleaning

At Socal Solar Wash, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding solar panel cleaning services, ensuring optimal energy production for your solar systems.


Enhance Your Investment

Ensure the protection and longevity of your solar investment, while lowering monthly costs and maximizing output through our professional solar cleaning services.

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Purify Your Solar Efficiency

Combat the impact of poor air quality in California by reclaiming up to 30% of lost solar system efficiency through our specialized cleaning services.

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Unlocking Success through Consistency

With ongoing poor air quality, exacerbated by California Fires, we highly recommend regular solar panel cleanings 2-3 times a year.

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Affordable Services
Single Story
$250/10 panels
$350/15 panels
  • 2 team members
Two Story
$450/10 panels
$650/15 panels
  • 2 team members

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